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About The Movement – Let My People Smoke

About The Movement

The movement was born to voice the opinion and views of millions of people in the US and across the world pushing legislation for medical and recreational marijuana use in many states/countries.

We are proud to say that we have been approached by celebrity artists and national sport athletes to advocate for the movement.

In the past year we have been concentrating on networking with a diverse group of organizations and people that share an open mind about cannabis and it’s benefits to educate the people about this natural herb and it’s wonders in the medical field as a major source of cure to many major illnesses in the world.

As some of the legislators in some states unfold
The truth and decriminalize cannabis in their states, we have many others that are against it and push to prosecute.

Our goal is to bring the votes of tens of millions of people to the map to show support to legalize across the US and many parts of the world.  Each supporter can purchase our t-shirt online and share with us a selfie that could be sent to our site and will upload within minutes of prescribing.

Contact us to volunteer. We have many task to work on.

Support the Movement

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